Gemstone + Lava Diffusor Necklace - Multi


This beautiful gemstone + lava diffuser necklace is the perfect addition to your essential oil roll-on blends.

Pick your favorite roller blend and roll the essential oil on the black lava beads. Lava beads are very porous allowing the essential oil to stay on the lava bead for up to 24 hours. Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy on the go!

This necklace contains black lava beads with Moonstone, Rhodonite, Turquoise, + Howlite gemstones. 

Lava is a very grounding stone and is known to protect and bring strength to oneself. 

Moonstone is a nourishing, sensual, deeply feminine energy that knows how to heal and bring you back to wholeness. It is the stone of the mother moon, deep healing waters, and sacred feminine energies.

Rhodonite is a stone of compassion, forgiveness + release of Fear. Rhodonite is known for their capacity to bring emotional healing and to release blocked energy from within the heart chakra.

Turquoise is a healing stone that benefits the whole body. Turquoise has healing ailments to the immune system and respiratory system.

Howlite helps to open and prepare the mind to receive energy and wisdom of attunements. Howlite is a lovely stone to use when needing to reduce anxiety, tensions and stress. Howlite can be used to facilitate awareness, encourage emotional expression and assist in the elimination of pain, stress and/or rage.

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