Gemstone + Lava Diffusor Necklace


Beautiful but simple, this gemstone + lava diffuser necklace is the perfect addition to your essential oil roll-on blends.

Pick your favorite roller blend and roll the essential oil on the black lava beads. Lava beads are very porous allowing the essential oil to stay on the lava bead for up to 24 hours. Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy on the go!

This necklace contains black lava beads with Moonstone, Amethyst + Pyrite gemstones. 

Lava is a very grounding stone and is known to protect and bring strength to oneself. 

Moonstone deflects negativity and encourages hope, it is known to enhance feminine energy. 

Amethyst provides patience, balance, calmness, and peace. It is considered a protection stone and can help protect from bad dreams and draining energy. 

Pyrite is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. 

Available in 24K gold fill or sterling silver, 16 and 18 inches. 

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