An organic essential oil blend made for anyone who is planning to become pregnant whether the first time or the third time. Because your baby will be here, soon. 

A wonderful blend of six essential oils that will help to relax the body, provide the emotional balance needed to conceive, and brings a sensual aroma of love. Keep this blend in your nightstand and roll on before intimate moments with your loved one. Or, keep with you close for anytime you need to find some calm and peace during your day.  Keeping your mind and body calm during pre-conception is so important. 

As a Fertility Nurse Practitioner having my patients focused on managing stress and anxiety is my top priority for a healthy pregnancy.  I designed this blend for all the women out there who are trying to conceive.  I wanted to create a blend filled with essential oils that not only synergistically smell great together, but also provide a sense of calm and well-being during this journey of life.  

What's inside? Each essential oil offers science-backed benefits!


Helps relax and calm feelings of tension and stress in the body


Creates emotional balance and calms the mind

Ylang Ylang

Boosts mood and provides an aroma of love and passion

Clary Sage

Provides emotional balance and sleep support and aids in calming the mind for less anxious thoughts 


Uplifts the mood and brings a calming beautiful aroma to inhale 


A refreshing oil that helps boost the mood and helps ease tension and worry 

Fertility Benefits of Soon

Calm Mind & Body

Essential oils of Lavender and Geranium are there to help calm the mind of anxious thoughts and relieve tension in the body. The mind and body need calm energy during this time and these oils will help.

Emotional Balance

Geranium and Clary Sage are two powerhouse essential oils to help create emotional balance in the body when you need it most. Clary sage also helps with sleep support which is crucial during this time.

Uplifted Mood

Uplift your mood with Yuzu, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. These three oils are here to boost the mood, calm racing thoughts, and provide a heavenly aroma that you'll want to wear all day. 

What does the research say? 

Does managing stress and anxiety improve fertility? 

The good news? Yes! Managing stress may actually help to improve fertility. However, this has not been well studied and more research is needed. But overall, having a mind-body approach to combating stress and anxiety has been positively shown to increase pregnancy rates.

"One study showed that 55% of women involved in a mind-body program could get pregnant, compared to 20% of women who were not in such a program."

Mind-body programs are designed to teach relaxation techniques, provide ways to cope with stress and offer group support. Modalities like deep breathing, meditation and yoga nidra along with healthy eating, daily movement, and adequate sleep are all healthy ways to help manage stress. A peaceful body and mind becomes a safe place for conception.

Fadi Yahya, M.D. OB-GYN in Albert Lea and Austin, Minnesota. Mayo Clinic, 2022.

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