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Mommy & Me - Organic Essential Oil Blends Made Safe

Designed for pregnant mamas and their tiny little ones

Roll without the worry


Petal & Leaf's Mommy & Me Essential Oil Blends are the perfect addition to your oil collection. These four blends are made safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas and babies ages 3 months and up. Each blend is specifically blended to support mamas and their tiny littles ones. 


Carefully diluted and blended to be safe for all pregnant mothers and babies ages 3 months and up. Blends for mom are diluted to 1% and blends for babies are diluted to .25%.


Made with skin soothing coconut oil and organic essential oils so you can feel good rolling these blends on yourself and your baby.


Blends proven to be effective for calming crying spells, promoting restful sleep, sustaining successful nursing sessions, and energizing active playtime.


Roll without the worry! Blends designed for during your pregnancy and after. Each blend is safely diluted to use throughout your whole pregnancy, even the first trimester! Each blend has a light, non overwhelming scent that even the most sensitive noses can tolerate! These blends are recommended for ages 2 years and up and of course during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 


Calm your little ones safely with specifically blended essential oils. All blends for baby are diluted to a safe concentration so your baby can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Each blend is very lightly scented to ensure your baby will be able to tolerate each blend. These blends are recommended for your little ones ages 3 months to 2 years. 



The Cuddle Time Loving Blend contains Ylang Ylang and Rose Flower essential oils.

Ylang Ylang has a wonderfully warm & sweet floral aroma that helps soothe emotional outbreaks. Ylang Ylang Flower helps to release tension and helps the body relax making it a great oil to use during cuddle sessions. 

Rose Flower is a great oil to use during cuddle time as it is an emotionally uplifting oil. The aroma itself with have you feeling relaxed, stress-free and connected to your baby.

For mom: use this blend during pregnancy when emotional stability is needed, as ylang ylang helps to lower blood pressure leading to a relaxed state.

For baby: Use during cuddle sessions and to soothe crying spells and tantrums.


The Playtime Uplifting Blend contains Blood Orange & Bergamot essential oils.

Blood Orange brings happiness and cheer with its bright and tart aroma. Blood Orange is stimulating and uplifting to the senses making it a great oil to use during play time! 

Bergamot's aroma is citrusy & floral and its scent helps to brighten one's mood and ease worries away. The Bergamot used in this blend is bergaptine free, which means it is safe for use in the sun and will not cause skin sensitivity.

For mom: use anytime a boost of energy is needed. A great replacement for your morning coffee!

For baby: use during tummy time or active playtime to keep baby alert, energized, and happy.


The Nursing Calming Blend contains Lavender & Yuzu essential oils.

Lavender has a sweet & herbal aroma that is very relaxing to the senses. This oil is great to use during breastfeeding sessions as it is very calming to the mind helping baby to relax and focus on nursing.

Yuzu is from the citrus family and has a tart, but sweet citrus aroma that is between a mandarin and a grapefruit. This oil is stimulating to the senses helping to keep baby engaged during nursing time. Yuzu helps to support the respiratory system helping to relieve congestion making it a great oil to use to help open the airways during nursing time. 

For mom: use when a relaxed state is needed. Also great to use on chest to relieve nasal congestion, which is common during pregnancy. 

For baby: use during nursing and/or bottle feeding sessions. Yuzu oil is uplifting and will help keep baby alert during feeding. 


The Nighttime Blend contains Frankincense & Lavender essential oils.

Frankincense has an earthy, green and woody aroma that is deeply grounding to the senses. This oil helps to relax and promotes deep sleep making it a great oil to use at nap time and bedtime. 

Lavender has a sweet & herbal aroma that is very relaxing to the senses. This oil is great to use at bedtime as it helps to soothe and calm down the mind and body. 

For mom: roll on bottoms of feet before bed to help with deep sleep.

For baby: roll on bottoms of the feet and up and down the spine before naps and bedtime. 

I've tired essential oils before, but none of them compare to the oils I received from Petal & Leaf. We use their blends throughout the day and they've become an essential part of our daily routine! I highly recommend them!

Ashley from @mamastateofmind


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