What Are Roll-on Blends?

Roll-on blends are an easy way to apply essential oils to your body for topical application.

A 'roller' or 'roll-on' is a 10ml (or 5ml) size glass bottle topped with either a stainless steel or glass rolling ball top. This means that the oil stays in the bottle and only comes out onto the roller ball once applied to the skin. This makes it a clean, neat way to easily apply your oil blends to your body. 

Roll-on blends are ready to take with you wherever you go! Bring them to yoga class, anatomy class, in the car, on the train, and even on the airplane! 

They are made to be easy & convenient. It's your aromatherapy on the go!

Why roll-ons over diffusors?

Don't get me wrong, diffusing oils are great! But why not get the benefits of diffusing with the added benefit of topical application?! Petal & Leaf makes all roll-on blends because they are easy to use and they work! Aromatherapy works both with inhalation and topical application. Having the oil ready to apply to your body is key in times of pain or intense worry or anxiety. Having your roll-on ready to use whenever needed is a great benefit. No outlet, no water, and no space needed! Just grab your blend and roll it on!

Here are just some of the reasons roller blends are so great:

  • Roll-on blends are convenient, easy to use and can be taken everywhere! All blends can be easily carried with you in a purse, backpack or your pocket! 
  • Roll-on blends smell stronger than a diffusor blend so you can enjoy the aromatherapy properties of the oils more!
  • Roll-on blends are what I call two-in-one blends. You get the inhalation benefits of a diffusor blend with the topical application from applying the blend on your body. 
  • Roll-on blends are easy! Diffusing can require a few steps like having an outlet readily available and water. And let's not forget about other people around you. Do they want to be smelling the essential oil blend or is this just for you?
  • Roll-ons are made just for you! You roll them on your body and you breathe it in so they don't affect others around you.
  • Did I mention travel-friendly? All roll-ons are TSA approved so you can literally take them anywhere!

If you'd like to read more on this topic, check out P&L's blog post Rolling Versus Diffusing