Three Hot Tips for a Pain-Free Period

Three Hot Tips for a Pain-Free Period

Plus the Secret Weapon for Banishing Bloat, PMS, and Cramps! 

Are you in a monthly battle with raging hormones? Blemishes erupting along with your mood? Sick day-worthy cramps? And feeling more sluggish than a sloth?

I hear you. Your period sucks.

You ride out the bloody reign of terror with your usual coping tactics:

Snapping at boyfriend for tension release. (I mean, seriously? His dirty socks were left mere inches away from the hamper again?)

Hiding under the covers with a heat pack and binge watching that new Netflix show. 

And the most necessary tool in your toolbox? Your favorite over-the-counter meds. Keep ‘em popping! 

No way you could survive your period without Motrin, right?

Actually...wrong. Most of what you have been taught about your period doesn’t have to be true. You can make nice with your monthly bleeding *and* even feel empowered during this time. 

Say, what? Read on, badass bleeder!

Hot Tip #1: Get Cyclical 

You already know women have super powers, but get this--instead of just following the daily circadian rhythm that aligns with the sun, women also have a second biological clock called the infradian rhythm. [1] 

Why should you care?

The infradian rhythm is the approximately 28 day cycle of all women who bleed. You cycle through four distinct phases each month. And the more aware you are of your own cycle, the better you will feel! 

Here is a quick breakdown of the four phases of our cycle that every balanced babe needs to know:

Menstrual Phase--3-7 days

The blood-rich lining of your uterus is shed (hello, period!) to prepare for a new cycle. This is a time to relax and go inward. Slow down. Skip exercise or opt for gentle yoga. Mediate, journal, and listen to your inner voice and the wisdom of your body. 

Follicular Phase--about one week

Your ovaries are ripening an egg for ovulation and your energy is growing right along with it! Did anyone say, burpees? Try  a HIIT or other high energy workout. Take advantage of all that pizazz to start a new project. Launch a new habit, business, or idea with the momentum of the follicular phase. 

Ovulatory Phase--3 days

That juicy egg is ready for blast off! Before the egg is released from your ovary--single and ready to mingle--you will be at your most friendly and outgoing. Studies show that we are most attractive to others during this phase. This is a great time to meet new people and put yourself out there. Hit up that party--and don’t forget your dancing shoes! 

Luteal Phase--about two weeks

This is the longest phase of our cycle and also the most calm and steady. Endurance exercise like walking and weight-lifting is just right for this phase. Now is the time to finish a project or get those endless baskets of laundry folded. Toward the end of the luteal phase, energy levels and mood may dip as your period approaches. [2]

As a woman, you aren’t meant to be consistent day in and day out. Your energy levels, moods, and social needs all change throughout your cycle. 

Synching up with your infradian rhythm is really important--it impacts your metabolism, your energy levels, your sleep, and your period. 

Ready to get cycle aware? Here is how to do it:

Start tracking your cycle. Yes, there’s an app for that! And also fertility monitors, books, and other awesome tools to take the guesswork out of your cycle. The more you track, the more you will learn about that amazing body and the state of your health.

Hot Tip #2 Balance those hormones, baby! 

Modern day life messes with our hormones. Big time. 

Think late nights. Bathing in blue light at work *and* when you Netflix and chill. Perfume, make up, and cleaning products that contain phthalates and other endocrine disruptors. Cross Fit all day, every day, even when you feel like crashing. [3] Sound familiar?

Hello, hormone hell-raisers!

All of these things and more can leave your hormone levels seriously wonky.

Honoring your rest phases and active phases is super important and will help balance you out over time. If you are bleeding this week, skip the Bikram and go for a gentle walk and enjoy some quality me-time. Ovulating? Hit up the gym for some hardcore exercise and then meet up with friends for dinner. 

Each phase will be different. Just let your body be your guide.

Once you are an expert on your cycle, you can tailor how you move and what you eat to each of the four phases for even more hormone harmony. Alisa Vitti is a hormone and cyclical living expert. She shows women how to synch up with their cycles to live their best lives. Check out her books and website to learn more!


Hot Tip #3: The Secret Weapon for Pain-Free Periods

Want me to let you in on a little secret? 

Essential oils can make your period less painful and you can start using them today for some serious relief!

One of the many benefits of Mother Nature’s plant-based superheroes is less intense cramps and a better mood during your period. Naturally. This good stuff from the earth can help you feel more balanced and at ease. 

Make your period more gift, and less curse! Here are the best essential oils to try this month:

  • Lavender: mood stabilizer for less irritability and more peace.
  • Rose Geranium: emotional balance for less freak out and more chill out.
  • Clary Sage: calms strong emotions for less losing it and more loving it. 
  • Fennel: Hello, bloat buster! Take the puff out of your period and ease digestive discomfort.
  • Vitex: balances your hormones to get rid of hot flashes and mood swings. For good. 
  • Bergamot: Fights period cramps so you don’t have to.

You can diffuse these oils but they’ll work even better in a carrier oil applied directly onto your skin. 

Looking to take the guesswork out of it with essential oil blends ready made for you? 

Banish bloat, bad moods, and painful cramps with Luna Blends for Women from Petal &  Leaf and kiss period pain buh-bye!

Luna Blends are specially formulated for women, by women. Try both signature blends from Petal and Leaf to rock your period this month!

Got the PMS blues? Luna Balance Blend’s got your back. This proprietary blend of essential oils (including lavender, rose and clary sage) keeps your mood stable and your mind clear. 

Bed-ridden on a monthly basis? Painful cramps are not your birthright. Cycle with ease during your period with Luna Care for Cramps. This badass blend of 11 essential oils supports your womb in gently releasing the old to make room for the new. Use this blend to say sayonara to cramps once and for all! 

Apply these oils to your pulse points before and during your period. Breathe deeply and bring on the chill. 

 Wondering why we call them Luna Blends? Luna means moon, and just as that gorgeous glowing wonder cycles through its phases each month in the sky, so do you! 

Women who balance their hormones and sleep in dark rooms will begin to cycle with the moon. This means your period will begin near the new moon or full moon each month. How wild is that?

So try out these hot tips today and use your essential oil secret weapons for a happier, healthier you. Period. 







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