Luna Women's Blends

Introducing the Luna Women's Blends! Two essential oil blends designed to be used together to combat PMS symptoms and fight painful cramps!

Learn to not fear your monthly cycle with Luna Blends! These aromatherapy blends will be your best friends during your period.

Luna Balance is there when you need emotional stability and Luna Care is there when you need relief from painful cramps.

Here is how they work:

Use Luna Balance anytime during your cycle! But, especially the week leading up to your period. This way the oils can start working ahead of time to keep you emotionally stable, balanced and calm. Apply this blend on your pulse points, chest, neck and down the spine and breath in this relaxing aroma.

Start using Luna Care a few days before your period to fight painful cramps. This blend works best if applied on the abdomen in a circular motion every 1-2 hours, or as often as every 15 minutes during intense cramps. Remember, the more consistent you are with applying your oils, the better they will work!

Easily take the Luna Blends with you wherever you go. They are small 10ml bottles that will fit nicely in your purse or backpack. You can always grab the Essential Oil Wallet and carry your oils around in style! These blends (just like all blends at Petal & Leaf) are travel-friendly and TSA approved!

I hope you love the Luna Blends as much as I do! Please leave any comments or questions if you have any! 

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