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Hi there! I’m Lindsey, and I created Petal & Leaf so you can easily bring calming, healthy essential oils into your life. I’m a Certified Aromatherapist from the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies and a Registered Nurse. I’m also trained in using essential oils for pregnancy and infants.

I personally designed every essential oil blend at Petal & Leaf to be as effective, relaxing, and healthy as possible - using a perfect blend of organic, 100% pure ingredients.

With blends for immune health, anxiety relief, mood, energy balance, sleep support, and more, I created everything at Petal & Leaf to enhance your health and well-being, while being super convenient and easy to use.

All Petal & Leaf products are 100% natural, toxic free and organic so you can feel safe wearing these blends all day and every day!

Learn to love the powers of the plants and let essential oils become a part of your daily life. 

Essential Oil Pathway to the Mind and Body

Roll-on blends

Why roll-on essential oil blends?

When applied to the skin, essential oils have a vast array of potential effects within the body. They are carried through the blood stream to all of the organs, and via inhalation stimulate the Olfactory Bulb and are then carried to our Limbic System where they stimulate our body's control centers.

Our blends are made to be applied directly to the skin, giving your body a boost and tapping into all the potential action of the essential oils on body.

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